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This site is dedicated to the memory of my father: William E. Pamplin, Jr.: businessman, entrepreneur, researcher, author, AND publisher of The Pamplin Family & Connections (Volumes I and II): THE PRIMARY RESOURCE of Pamplin Family historical information in the United States of America.

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Television Documentary
Robert B. Pamplin, Sr's: “A Separate Path to Glory”

Pamplin Family researcher’s contact list.
Pamplin family researcher’s (by request) contact information.

From the late 1950's through the 1980's, William E. (Bill) Pamplin, Jr. devoted a great deal of time collecting, researching, and publishing information regarding the history of the Pamplin Family (mainly) in the USA: the results of his work are Volumes I & II of The Pamplin Family & Connections. Today, they remain a major resource for genealogists and Pamplin family members worldwide. Excerpts available here are:

Intro to Chapter I, The Pamplin Family & Connections, Volume I

Intro to Chapter II, The Pamplin Family & Connections, Volume I

Pamplin family connections to The Royal House of Windsor

Britannia: Monarchs of Britain

The Robert B. Pamplin Family Page

Intro to "The Scamps of Bucksnort": The Pamplin Family & Connections, Volume II

Excerpt from Chapter 4: "The Scamps of Bucksnort", The Pamplin Family & Connections, Volume II

The Pamplin Family & Connections: Volume I Name Index
Pamplins (by first name) appearing in the Volume I Name Index.

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